There is a new current of spiritual perspective based on the direct experience of Truth, or innate remembering of Source as presence in our lives. This understanding has been reflected in wisdom teachings throughout history, but is lately coming into a contemporary form. This is frequently called non-duality, meaning there is only one thing happening although it appears to have many manifestations. Non-Dual teachers or mentors point  to the eternal shared source of life, tell us we are not as our conditioned thought concludes we are, and encourage us to know consciousness or awareness or presence in its most elemental and natural form.  When we let go of identities and patterns long enough to touch this source it wakes up our hearts, minds and lives. This has been labeled transformation, self-realization, living from our true nature and many other things. It is a natural evolution available to all, but this awakening brings many patterns of change to how we see and live in the world.

There are challenges in releasing all of our old emotional patterns and concepts, which hold us in functional limitations. There is a great blessing of inner freedom and play that arises when these challenges are met.

This blog is about awakening, changing and living an authentic life from the core of what you are. It includes teachings, moments  of perception, introductions to insightful books and invitations to share and awaken.

BONNIE GREENWELL PH.D.,  is a transpersonal therapist and non-dual teacher, an educator, author, wife and grandmother who has worked for 30 years guiding people in spiritual awakening processes. She has experienced that beyond thought there is no-one and no-thing, and has loved  this vastness which holds a full and endless potentiality of consciousness. She has been touched deeply by Adyashanti, by the teachings of Advaita Vedanta, and Zen.

Bonnie is the author of “The Kundalini Guide” and “The Awakening Guide”  self-help books with spiritual support and guidance based on consulting with over 2000 people who have had energy and conscious awakening experiences.  These are available on Amazon and Kindle at this time or by ordering directly from her at kundinfo@mindspring.com.  In 1995 she authored “Energies of Transformation: A Guide to the Kundalini Process”, based on her doctoral research, and later she edited “Emptiness Dancing” a collection of teachings by the non-dual wisdom teacher Adyashanti, and she contributed to the anthologies “Kundalini Rising” and “God in All Worlds”. She is the founder of Shanti River Center in Ashland Oregon. She has two websites http://www.kundaliniguide.com and http://www.awakeningguide.com.

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