A New Book for Awakening People

I am thrilled to announce my new book “When Spirit Leaps: Navigating the Process of Spiritual Awakening” is finally available May 1 everywhere in the US and May 10 on amazon in Europe. This is a reflection of all I have learned through 30 years of listening and supporting thousands of people in an awakening process, and blends my non-dual teaching with my understanding of the energy that arises during a transformative process.

IMG_4186I am grateful for New Harbinger Press under their Non-Duality division to be making it available. I especially hope it falls into the hands of people who teach meditation , yoga, shamanic or energy practices, and therapists who have clients who are coming into awakening experiences. It is designed to help everyone understand what is happening, learn practice ways  to nurture the process, and be inspired by realizing where it is headed. I am so appreciative of the many people who have shared their stories with me and taught me so much, and for Adyashanti’s beautiful foreword. I’d also be grateful for anyone who loves it to write a review on amazon or elsewhere so others will be drawn to read it. It is so past time for people to recognize and value this transition that so many go through during or following dedicated energy practices, deep meditation, the use of psychedelics, Shamanic explorations, following peak stress or grief, and even spontaneously. Few who lead these practices know how to provide optimal support, and even fewer mental health professionals who are called for help recognize the signs of awakening. Experiences ranging from extreme energy rushes, vibration and shaking, physical and emotional upheavals, ecstatic bliss, moments of vast unitive awareness,  the sense there is no “me” and many other phenomena are often part of this life-changing process, and reorientation in the world. Learn how to help yourself and help others in this process.