Summer Retreat and Webinar

Here are announcements for a June Retreat and a Webinar on Living with Spirit I have recently scheduled. Send me an email at if you would like to join us at either event.

SPRING RETREAT JUNE 23-26 with Bonnie Greenwell                                               Releasing to Truth and Radiance.    June 23-26 4 p.m. Friday until 2 Monday                                                                                          St. Ritas Retreat Center in Gold Hill, OR (flying into Medford, OR)

You are invited to join me for a 3-night, 4-day silent retreat in the Fall at lovely St. Rita’s Retreat Center in Gold HIMG_2387ill. Releasing to Truth and Radiance is the theme. This will be a small group gathering (26 or less) for meditation, satsang gatherings and reflection on releasing ourselves into the awakened ground of our being.  Outside of satsang sessions we will be in silence. There will be time for gentle Qigong exercises and walking the labyrinth at St. Ritas.                                                           This is an opportunity to deepen your spiritual practice with a group that shares the intention for spiritual awakening and for living from an awakened and non-dual perspective of life. Retreat is a gift to meet the longing of your deeper Self.  The fee will be $320 all-inclusive for the 4-day 3-night retreat in a comfortable double room, each with a bath. St Ritas has a labyrinth, and hiking trails for your free time, and great vegetarian food. The retr
eat center is just a few miles from the Medford, Oregon airport and with easy access from Hwy 5. You may arrive after 2 p.m. Friday June 23, and our program will begin at 4. We will close between 1 and 2 on Monday the 26th. To register email your name, address and other contact information to me at

 INTERNET WEBINAR:     LIVING WITH SPIRIT     Zoom Webinar                             FRIDAYs 1-3 p.m. PST         Meets every 2 weeks beginning June 2                            Monthly fee $54 paid through Paypal using                       You will receive a weekly reminder and connection to zoom meetings              Connecting to a zoom meeting is free for participants.                                                  Please register by May 19 by emailing me at

 I have enjoyed connecting with people from all over the world who are in a spiritual awakening process, and especially bringing you together on webinars. This is a webinar satsang style gathering for understanding the role of energy and consciousness in spiritual awakening, exploring and sharing how our lives our transformed during this process. We will do a short meditation, I will offer a brief talk, and we will explore questions that are of interest to you. Kundalini awakening is an activation of energy that produces many phenomena, triggering responses that can range from ecstatic to disconcerting and frightening. It impacts the body, psyche, emotions and lifestyle of those who experience it. Consciousness also shifts in this process and we may feel we are awake and vibrant in one moment and entangled in old conditioning the next. Many experiences can happen but the base is pure aware presence. We will address whatever is arising for you, and work together to find ways to smooth the challenges and rest in the awakeness that is our essential core.

This webinar is designed for people who have awakened energy/consciousness or who work with others who are experiencing this. It is an important opportunity to understand the profound transformative and spiritual potential of this experience. If you are not familiar with my work and perspective in this field and would like to learn about it, please go to my website or order my books “The Kundalini Guide” and “The Awakening Guide” on amazon and kindle. If you have not done a consultation with me I will ask you to fill out a consultation form before our first meeting so I can have helpful information about your interests, needs and questions.