Beyond a Foggy Mind

Morning Fog Enfolding Ashland

Have you ever had a “foggy” mind? You just can’t think clearly.This is not uncommon at times, especially if you have raised your pranic  energy into the head, or just emerged from a transcendent or trance state, or  may be dealing with grief or other stressors. You feel you cannot think. The brain is not working as efficiently as it was. It can be a struggle to get back into your previous patterns of focusing, and this can make you feel insecure. And the struggle sometimes intensifies tension because you are afraid this fog might be a permanent condition.

The thick fog as I looked out my windows this morning reminded of this foggy condition, and of an experience early in my marriage, living in an area that was sometimes blanketed with heavy morning fog. One morning my husband was rear-ended on the short drive to work by a truck that couldn’t see him. There were no injuries, but a lot of inconveniences.

It is this way with thought as well. When we can’t think straight it can be awkward, embarrassing, and certainly inconvenient to get our usual tasks done. But when in a spiritual process it is an element of transformation and harmonization. It is a time that the brain is reorganizing, restructuring the wiring created in our past and opening new channels. It is also an opportunity to develop a more gut-level or heart-level kind of intuition, to learn to think below the neck, and discover latent resources.

Usually our thinking is so active and we are so dependent on thought that all of our attention is drawn into the head. Awareness is ensnared by what we think – but thoughts are not always logical or true. Thoughts often focus on worries about the future, self-judgments, anxiety about what others think, fears of failure, projections on those around us, or plans that do not work out well. Most of this is an imaginative interpretation of life, having little to do with truth.  In some ways our brains are like computers, indifferent to our true potential as living, expressions of the One spirit, the creative vital element of life. Thoughts trap us the way the little spinning circle in a computer keeps us from getting quickly to the data we need.

I have found that if I am willing to give up the struggle, brain fog can be an invitation to go into stillness, to rest in the deepest inner part of myself and let go of anxiety and division, to rest from thought. It can be very uncomfortable at first, just like driving when you can’t see clearly. But what if you let go attending to what is happening in your head, and bring awareness to other areas of the body from the heart down to the feet?

Awareness is always with you, even alert to dreams as you sleep, or available to the sounds of the morning that awaken you. Can you consciously become that for a while, bringing awareness down to listen to how your heart would like to spend the day, or noticing what your body needs in order to relax during this time. Usually awareness is overwhelmed by the stimulus of thought, experience or emotion, and we become identified with these dynamics in our lives. But be awareness for just a few minutes, without identifying with anything awareness sees, feels, hears, touches or tastes. Awareness was here in your field of presence before anything else was labeled or known or believed in. It is your presence. You collected many attitudes, reactions and positions as you experienced living and the personal ego is created by this movement of identification. The fogginess may be blocking these old habits; they can’t unfold to advise you in their habitual way. So drop awareness out of the part of you that is trying to hold on, and turn awareness into itself. What is this awareing that you are that you can readily move into your heart, your belly, your feet? Feel into it without thinking about it. No matter how foggy the thoughts, awareness is still present – can you turn it into itself and simply rest as that? This is a doorway to awakening into your True Nature.

Everything remains of the town and the sky when the fog lifts, and so will all the stories and concerns of your life remain. But if awareness has become more conscious and more inclusive of other parts of yourself you will have new ways to move in the world. You may even have new eyes to see what is there beneath the fog, and begin to interpret your life and experiences in a new way.



2 thoughts on “Beyond a Foggy Mind

  1. This is very helpful as my mind goes through different states in the upheaval of the past week. Brain fog comes and goes, and if I use it as an opportunity to go inside and take a break from thought, I feel less strain, more comfort. I figure my body/brain must be telling me to shut down for a bit. Thanks for your wisdom.

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing this.. im having an intense brain fog for 6 months as primary sign of my awakening.. this make me feel frustated hope this will be ease and gone when its already the time..

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