The Interior Wisdom of the Self

“All this universe, movable or immovable, has come out of Intelligence.  Renouncing everything else, take shelter in it.

hs-1996-03-b-thumbAs space pervades a jar, both in and out, similarly within and beyond this ever-changing universe, there exists one Universal Spirit.”

Since the Spirit in its nature is not limited by time, or space it is therefore infinite, all-pervading and entirety itself.”Si

                                                                       Verses 48,49, 54 Siva Samhita

The ancient spiritual scriptures of India hold a perspective that directly touch our spirit, because they speak to our universal and eternal Self.  Spiritual practices in all traditions are designed to lead to this realization of One Self whether through meditation, grace, sacred chanting, visualizations , sacred geometry,  or contemplation.

What is this intelligence of the universe?  I think of it as the sacred source and instigator of life, an impulse of creation that far surpasses any human endeavor, and yet the same impulse that inspires all creative action through the human mind, and is the dormant potential in all lives.  It is the light that shines through us as life itself, and moves through the heart and mind when we are inspired by love or action for the good of the whole.

            This “intelligence” is considered “true existence” in the Siva Samhita and the only real substance of life, the Source of All.  It devolves into all states of matter that then form our human experience.  These are ether, air, fire, water, earth and their combinations , which are subject to destruction, and therefore a cause of distraction, delusion and suffering.  This is the teaching of impermanence in Buddhism as well as the reason that detachment is a teaching in Vedanta.  To awaken to True Nature we must detach from these identifications long enough for realization to activate.

            We humans have the benefit and challenges of being both form and spirit, made of the elements and the eternal Self.  This Self is yet to be acknowledged by a science based on matter, seeking the core of matter and yet to find it.  Just as science does not seem to be able to locate this source of intelligence in the working of the universe, so do we as individuals have trouble locating the source of true wisdom within ourselves, and for the most part rely on our accumulation of facts and experiences to frame our perspective of living.  If we are called to seek a deeper Truth, the mystery of what we are, then we may feel compelled to begin a spiritual search.

            The search of Spirit within is actually the removal of layers of delusion, of beliefs and attachments, emotionally charged history, warped relationships with other humans, and other distortions.  Many of these are shared distortions because of the prevalence of external forces of main-stream thinking designed to keep us in congruent social patterns.  These vary depending on the collective goals of our cultures, churches, educational systems and family myths.  Some of the ancient scriptures suggest these are all false – not because they are useless or in some cases reasonable patterns for living in our cultures – but because they are based on an underlying delusion about our nature as human beings.  They all identify this nature as being the extent of what we are, and this leads to divisions, conflicts and the willingness to harm others to get what we want.  This false identification is what leads to suffering, including the fear of death.

            Spiritual awakening is about a glimpse beyond these identifications that happens when for a moment or longer one has dropped all cultural, familial and bodily attachments and has seen or felt the light of spirit rising up or flowing downward in a way that feels irrefutable in showing us we are connected to all: we are not only Spirit but the One Spirit that is the source of all created forms and all unbounded existence.  We see through the eyes of this Spirit and recognize “I am this!” These amazing moments of grace change us profoundly, but much of this insight fades away as old patterns reassert themselves in our energy fields. The process of eliminating delusions once again takes time and we have to rise above the emotional difficulties caused by our belief we have lost something, or done something wrong, in order to remain steady in the Truth of what we know, and do the clearing necessary to live from this Truth.  This is made especially challenging because we live in a culture that is lost in its own identifications and delusions and is not in any way supportive of the awakening process.

            Anyone who has had a glimpse, or is willing to take on the journey of freeing themselves of “false” beliefs in favor of a direct knowing of what they are, can find encouragement in ancient scriptures like the Siva Samhita, the Siva Sutras, some of the Upanisads, the Bhagavagita and others.  Some of these Truths are hidden in the teachings of Jesus as well, especially in “the Father and I are One”, or “The Kingdom of God is Within”.  Buddhist and Taoist teachings, and Sufism also hold these Truths. The most useful thing to do when you are longing to understand who you are, from where you have come or where you are going, is to trust that there are pointers, and there are revelations, and you can find your own realization because we humans have arisen from this One Source and it is at the core of who we are.

Drop the mental struggle to figure it out, and ask your heart how this all began, and fall into the deep silence of not-knowing and rest there.


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