Awakening: Answering Questions of the Heart


It is about the Questions, not of the mind, but of the Heart.

If you want to wake up to the Light of Truth, so that it can flood your life like the sun, the way is not revealed by what you hear from someone else; it’s about the questions you ask yourself. Teachers can only offer pointers. They cannot describe exactly where you are going. True teachers will only invite you into yourself.

How deeply will you search for Truth?

How can you know your connection with the Source of all life, that which ignited you as a separate sense of Beingness in the womb?

What are you?

From what place has this consciousness arisen?

What do you know that no one ever taught you and you never read in a book?

What do you know that is felt in every cell of your body?

And ultimately can you live from that instead of all the thoughts in your head?

I could tell you that you are God or Brahman, Presence or Source,

That there is no separate self, or separation, only a locator felt as “I” that has a tendency to attach to experience,

I could tell you that you are the vast and boundless consciousness,

I can tell you that you are already whole and free and letting go of everything you believe is the way to know this.

I could tell you there is love flowing from your heart unconditionally

To the extent I am living these truths consciously I may be able to transmit them.

But none of this has essential value to you because hearing words is not a direct experience of being these things. The sensation of transmission will fade just as the music of a great orchestra fades once you have walked away.

By the time the knowingness here moves into the mind and becomes language it is second hand, and like second hand clothes it carries the energies of a separate body mind so it is no longer coming from untainted Truth. It is a concept. This is similar to reading a recipe rather than eating the food.

You will make this discovery in the cells of your own body, prior to thought,

You have to enter the territory alone and naked, silent and fearless, innocent and trusting. Now.

Then it can reveal itself.


One thought on “Awakening: Answering Questions of the Heart

  1. Thank you for this blog, Bonnie. It is right on point and a good reminder that attuning to the Inner Teacher is where it’s at. Also, some very good questions you put together! Many thanks! — Anne

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