Reflection on 4 Aspects of Human Form

As a life form we are these aspects

1st Matter – form held together by energy and capable of movement and sensation. Born of matter from parent

2nd Energy

— physical   (moves the body),

— psychic (egoic mind—movement of identification, desire, preference, repulsion, attachment, –mine),

—  subtle (pranas –internal movements that cause us to feel like a separate “me” because they are attributed to one body – the flow upward, downward, and in a circular way connecting thoughts with sensation,  senses with thought, and managing the movement of internal organs such as heart beating, digestion , elimination, sexual activity, coughing, collecting sound into language, expressing thought as words and understanding, transmitting smell and taste.)

3rd Mind —  psychic energy collected and recirculated in the form of thoughts and  imaginings and dreams being generated from memories and impressions and beliefs, continual in flow

4th Spirit – awareness, consciousness, presence which entered matter and became identified with a particular form and story.  It likely enters at conception and triggers the growing process and at some point in the womb after the form acquires movement becomes aware of itself as beingness  As the senses and experiences develop after birth it begins to identify as an “I”.

It is through movement that life comes into form – life emerged through the movement of waters over land, repeatedly over millions of years and moved from ocean forms to land forms the same way.  A fetus grows into a child through movement and propels itself from the womb through repeated movements. Movement stimulates growth, expansion and life evolving.

As you walk  and do tasks and exercise notice how the body feels in movement as compared to how it feels in repose?  Can you sense internal energy changes?

It is through psychic movement that identity comes into form.  Notice a desire and how it feels to follow it. Notice restlessness until you decide to do something. Thoughts move forward and back like the tide, repeatedly. What is it that wants to be doing something?  Is it following a preference to be busy, to respond to a sense like hunger or touch, a need to move away from something, a need to have or create or  acquire something? Where are these movements coming from?

Subtle energy can be very quiet or very disruptive. When you are very still, not following any psychic or physical movements, you quiet the work of the senses and you can tune in to the subtle sensations behind them.  It is like a vibration just waiting for something to do.  It will follow attention so if you move attention to different arts of the hody you can feel it there.  Yoga, Tai Chi , Qigong, Aikido and other martial arts work with this vibration, strengthening awareness of it and the ability to direct it in specific ways. Healing practices work similarly but combine psychic energy with the subtle pranic energy in specific patterns.

Certain forms of repeated movement, breath patterns and/or concentration can trigger a deeper rising of energy, causing what could be called a quickening of the life force, and a deconstruction of familiar patterns of thought and sensation. This has been called the rising of kundalini energy, which is a word representing the coiled subtle energy at the base of the spine, which in most lives stays coiled until a person dies and the energy forms are ready to leave the body. When it arises during a lifetime, eventually  all the energies shift  so that  perspectives, belief systems, and identifications move out of the personal orientation and into the impersonal.  It causes a psychic return out of mental identifications and into the ground of being.   Another way of saying this is that instead of identifying with mind one identifies with consciousness. Both still function but consciousness is no longer confused about who it is. Sometimes the ranges and capacities of consciousness are expanded in this process as it knows itself to be unlimited and free. But the person as matter and form can become more naturally present in his or her own environment  as well, as the mind no longer resists the experience of being in a body.  This is wholeness, presence, being here now.   This development satisfies completely the spiritual urge to be connected to God, so it has been called a spiritual awakening or Self-realization.  In Buddhism it is called knowing your true nature.    In Zen it is called Waking Up. In Hinduism it is a form of samadhi














2 thoughts on “Reflection on 4 Aspects of Human Form

  1. Hi again, i feel it to respond to this blog along these lines, that the universe and the beings and so the human beings are just the dance of energy or let me say conscious energy, as in Hindu terms Siva-Shakti. There simply is nothing that exists in the form of physical object that is not this energy in its very nature, even as science has shown in many ways, notably Einstein E=MC2.

    I might as well just say that the Divine Self Itself is simply appearing as the whole show in all its parts.

    So the division of the human into parts is to me rather artificial and not leading to any special clarity in the effort. Further it seems that it is not in the least necessary to posit a special Spirit of any kind within the beings, including humans. Nor would any such spirit enter the body at any one stage, but be always and ever omnipresent, birth and death being just the play and the will of the Divine Self, whatever that really is. The dance of the Siva-Shakti in this form or that form endlessly forever eternal. Or one might say that here there always and everywhere the matter and physical knows, within itself what to do or become, as it is really the conscious-energy itself appearing as…


  2. Hi Alan,
    Thanks for your comment. I agree all that is — is conscious energy, a dance of one source in apparent multiple and diverse forms. The challenge is how to know it directly and intimately. Awakening is a sudden and complete seeing of this and the end of feeling division. I have found it is helpful for some people to break down the elements of form in order to sense the pure stillness and essence of its source. It is like breaking down gold jewelry to recognize the common element from which it appears. Most of the time people are so identified with their minds and bodies and activities, and there is so much mental stress about life, that they can miss the recognition he or she is not this appearance, but this life force that is inhabiting our life, and playing out this life. I also agree that it is not quite right to say that spirit enters the body. A better way to say it might be that the life force or this mysterious unspeakable source that we could call spirit, expands itself into a human fetus at conception, grows into an apparent human life and is the essence of what every human is.

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